Allow Bates Chiropractic to Care For Your Overall Health

The First Stage of Healthcare: Performing the Paperwork

Our receptionist will greet you with a warm welcome every time you visit Bates Chiropractic. You will also be assisted by our staff in completing the required patient forms. This is a short and simple task to assist Dr. Bates in understanding your medical history and also your overall health.

Finding Out Your Problems

The next important procedure is a consultation with Dr. Bates to discuss your present medical problems. During the consultation, it is best that you talk about health issues you are experiencing, and inquire about the possibly solutions for these. This is a significant process for us to better understand your suffering, and health issues. We handle our patients just like we would handle our family, and provide only the best in healthcare!

Examination-Evaluating the Symptoms

Aside from the appointment, our chiropractors will also perform a test that will check your reflexes and flexibility. There might be a necessity for you to undergo some other sets of examinations just like the normal postural, neurological and orthopedic tests. We can assure you that we will not proceed with any assessments without your agreement first.

Acquiring an X-Ray

Sometimes Dr. Bates will ask that an X-ray test is done depending on your problems. This will guide us so that we can present an efficient treatment plan for you. Actually, there are some cases in which our patients were able to see the problems for themselves by simply checking out their own X-rays, so they can be very telling!

Reporting Clinical Findings: The Healthcare Plan

When all of the necessary details have been accumulated through the consultation and tests, Dr. Bates with give you the complete report and will discuss a few of your problems. Some of these incorporate:

• What can chiropractic care do to help me with my condition?
• How frequently do I need to visit the office?
• How much does the treatment cost?

In addition to treatment in our office, you might also be instructed to see another provider, specifically if your condition calls for it. It is our primary intent to deliver quality service by ensuring that your medical problem is fully addressed. If you have back pain Manhattan Beach, contact us today.

The Overall Wellness Program

At the end of the program, your physician will give you a well organized plan which needs to be practiced even after the treatment. This has reminders like keeping away from unhealthy habits that can damage the spinal column, tips on correct cold and heat application, and numerous workouts that are great for your joints and bones. If you want, Dr. Bates can assist you in developing healthy habits that complement your way of life as well. We make sure that our wellness method fits each and every patient’s distinctive health issues.