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Back Pain

The trouble with back pain is that it throws off your entire body. Because this is the mainframe of your entire skeleton, you NEED to seek relief.

Neck Pain

Neck pain is the nemesis to productivity, to proper rest, and to a happy, free life. Instead of just waiting this one out, why not call and have it relieved?

Auto Accidents

An impressive amount of people who have ever been in a car accident have suffered whiplash. They go hand in hand. If you've suffered from this pain, call us!


Headaches, including migraines, can be some of the most debilitating types of pain there are. Regardless of how your headache came about, we can offer relief.


If you are experiencing compression and discomfort in your spinal nerve roots, you might be dealing with sciatic pain.

Work Injuries

A work injury is bodily damage or harm resulting from working. It can occur over a long period of time, or be an instant injury.

Disc Pain

Disc pain is no joke. Whether the disc is herniated, degenerating, slipped, or ruptured it can cause immense agony for the sufferer. Call us for relief!

Pinched Nerve

You can talk to the doctors at Bates Chiropractic to determine the best course of treatment for your pinched nerve. Sitting by and waiting is not an option!


Dr. Bates can work with YOU to get your body back to peak physical health! Visit us today to take advantage of our new patient special.

Have Complete Control Of Your Life Again

chiropractor manhattan beachHello there! Welcome to our office. You can find us at 1218 Highland Avenue.  Throughout the years, Dr. Bates been unrivaled when it comes to providing health care services. With that, we’ll be pleased to serve you and your loved ones.

We have always made it our goal to help our patients achieve a pain free life. You can be certain that Dr. Rob Bates is an experienced and acclaimed chiropractor. With the help of his diligent team, he provides unparalleled avenues for relief from back pain and neck pain through innovative and gentle care.

Dr. Bates has been providing relief to our community for over 23 years now! Patients note that he provides efficient care (meaning you won’t have to wait forever to get your treatment). He also delivers unrivaled service. Just take a look at our reviews as evidence. It’s no surprise that so many patients, with all sorts of conditions, have come here for treatment. While there are many chiropractors to choose from in our area, Dr. Bates’ strong background and intensive experience helps him stay one of the best!

Chiropractic treatment is helpful regardless of whether you are looking for long-term results, or immediate pain relief. A pain free life IS an option! This type of treatment is best known for correcting the hidden causes of your symptoms and complaints, rather than just treating the outward symptoms. It also helps improve posture and protects the spine from future degeneration.

We reject harmful medications and surgeries and opt instead for holistic and natural options. Our New Patient Special is offered so that you can more easily accomplish this. You can simply call us or fill out the form on this page to get your Free Exam and Consultation. To experience our wonderful care, simply give us a ring at (310) 545-4188 to schedule your appointment. Our Manhattan Beach chiropractor staff can’t wait to meet you!

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Bates Chiropractic
4.8 out of 5 stars
10 reviews
1218 Highland Ave
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266, USA
(310) 545-4188
Taylor Borel
5 out of 5 stars
I am getting treated here and WOW do I feel better. They have very friendly and helpful staff. Dr. Bates truly cares about his patients, and works with each patients individual needs, but focus's on corrective ways to prevent subluxations and get your spine and body working the way it should. If you want to improve your health and feel better, call then and schedule an exam. I am normally very hesitant of doctors promises to fix everything. I came in because of ocasional back pain. THIS IS MUCH IMPROVED now, and even my sinus problems are improving. I went from skeptic to believer. If you want to improve your health, and feel better, call and schedual a exam with Dr. Bates. Your neck, back, spine and body will thank you. -Taylor B.
Mimi J
5 out of 5 stars
I have been going to chiropractors off and on since I was elementary age due to a motor vehicle accident. Each one has used different technology, instruments, and manipulation techniques. I've spent the past year under the care of Dr. Bates and he has been my favorite by far! He's efficient and effective as well as courteous and personable. Even his staff members will make you feel at ease with pleasantries in conversation and music to soothe the soul. Trusting the care of your spine to someone is not a simple task. After one visit to Bates Chiropractic, you'll realize this is where the care needs to be held.
Fernando Navia
5 out of 5 stars
Excellent service, great staff, definitely recommend him to all my family and friends. Jessica and Gaby are helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Great place all around.
Bates Chiropractic is rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 14 reviews.