Vertigo helped through chiropractic!

I am a big believer in Dr. Bates’ chiropractic therapy. I arrived here in excruciating pain and had lost much of the control of my left arm and hand. In 2 ½ months, I am mostly pain free, and am able to grip with my left hand again. I have been to Dr. Rob in the past, a let my therapy go and have paid the price. I plan to stay for regular chiropractic maintenance to avoid future grief!

– John Koppleman

I used to have allergies and got the flu once or twice a year. That has all stopped after chiropractic care. Children are expected to get ear infections – but mine get chiropractic adjustments and have never had an ear infection!

– Scott Macpherson

I have participated in Chiropractic Care for almost 20 years (under 4-5 different doctors). My experience here at Bates has been a new experience. For the first time my condition was explained to me in a way that I understood and was given some hope that my condition could change. I had seen several traditional medical doctors who basically told me it was an aging process and I would have to live with it. This has been a great experience and I get to participate in my healing. Knowledge is powerful!

– Sheila Tolan

I’ve learned to live with back pain. If not for Chiropractic Care I would be in pain all the time. With bi-weekly sessions, I can’t complain too much. I call it (adjustment) my tuneup. Like a fine car, a little TLC (tender loving care) goes a long way.

– Iris Noyd

When I first came to Dr. Bates, I was 25 years old and had such bad headaches that it was too hard for me to do normal activities – even drive my car. My neck and back pain had taken over my life and I was a very grumpy person and because of my headaches, I was unable to work.

Dr. Bates and his team did a full evaluation of me and took the time to find out about my history of sports injuries as well as anything else that has affected me as a person. Dr. Bates approach to Chiropractic and overall genuine passion for what he does has changed my lifestyle 180 degrees.

I no longer get headaches, I have a job that I love and am back to exercising again. I owe it all to the awesome Dr. Bates and his team! Thank you!

– Jen Weber

When I first came to see Dr. Bates, I was taking up to 16 Advils a day for the pain. Yesterday, after 6 weeks of treatment, I made it through my first entire day without any pain medication whatsoever!

– Alan Brawer


Listed are a few patient testimonials, which are given with each patient’s express consent, and are written in an informal format.

In sharing these testimonials, patients or prospective patients should understand that the efficacy of a patient’s response to chiropractic care varies from individual to individual and from chiropractor to chiropractor, and this does not constitute in any way a promise of results for another patient, though we experience a very high patient satisfaction ratio in our clinic.