Painfree Weightloss Part 2!

Pain-free Weight Loss Part 2

Last time we were talking about the most pain free weight loss, how to lose 16 pounds within the first month. Remember last week we talked about the food pyramid and how important it is to eat the most nutritionally dense food, which are… leafy vegetables. Your nutrient per calorie is going to be at 100 %.

We now know that USDA, the government based food pyramid recommends that one should have junk food as opposed to the higher nutrient food, which in turn makes one fat.

We want to change the food pyramid and have the green leafy vegetables primary.

To start off this food regimen, I don’t want you to change anything to your diet or take from your diet. I want you to add to your diet.

I want you to add one pound of raw vegetables and one pound of steamed vegetables, also have about 4-5 fruits a day. The key is this: you must have the vegetables before each meal.

For example:

You have a bagel with cream cheese and a coffee for breakfast everyday. Before you eat this, you will have a heart of romaine lettuce and a grapefruit, then your breakfast.

As a snack, in between breakfast and lunch, you’re going to have a banana or an orange or a grapefruit.

At lunch, you’re going to have a large green salad mixed with other vegetables, such as romaine with purple cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. Make sure there’s about one pound of vegetables in your salad. Then you can go on and have your regular meal. If you have a cheeseburger for lunch, have a cheeseburger! Remember you must have the salad first!

As another snack, in between lunch and dinner, you’re going to have a piece of fruit.

Dinner time comes around, now you’re going to have one pound of steamed vegetables before your normal dinner. If you want dessert, have another piece of fruit.

The deal is you must have one pound of raw vegetables and one pound of steamed vegetables, or two pounds of raw per day, with fruit before your normal meals.

It’s called the “add-to” diet, and I can guarantee if you do it for 6 weeks, you will lose weight. Also the health benefits will go through the roof, because of all of the healthy phyto-nutrients, the fiber, the minerals, the vitamins in there that you wouldn’t normally get. All of that is protective against cancers, diabetes, and heart disease. So, you’re going to be adding to your health too!

You will be adding to your health, losing weight, and not going to go crazy thinking you are deprived.

Chiropractor Manhattan Beach Shares A Typical Breakfast

Good morning, this is Dr. Rob with your health blog for the week. I want to go over some of the things you may want to eat for breakfast. Now, if you’re doing the one pound rule that we talked about in our last nutrition workshop and would like to lose weight, a good way to do so is by eating romaine lettuce before each meal.

It’s about 5:30 in the morning right now and this is how I start off my mornings: I go into the refrigerator, grab my bag of romaine lettuce, tear out one of the hearts, and eat the leaves one by one. I eat the leaves like potato chips. You should have an entire heart of romaine lettuce before breakfast. What I typically like to eat after lettuce is a grapefruit, then a handful of my chlorella, and then a coconut yogurt in which I throw a couple scoops of collagen. I showed you a typical breakfast, but I also like to have oatmeal with frozen blueberries after the romaine.

Here’s the thing, you want to get the heart of lettuce in before the rest of your breakfast, because it will give you all of those phytochemicals and protective nutrients, such as the fiber, the enzymes, and the vitamins that will protect you against cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. If you’re looking to lose weight, it is also important to eat your veggies before anything else, to naturally lose and stabilize your weight.

We will be having another Nutrition Workshop on June 16th. Check with the front desk to sign up. There is limited seating.

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Pain-free Weight Loss! Lose 16 Pounds in 1 Month!

Since it’s almost summertime, we’re going to be taking off our winter coats and shedding those extra pounds to get ready for the beach season. We all want to fit into our bathing suits, right? A lot of people are going to be trying some crazy diets, I’m sure.

What we want today is how to have pain-free weight loss! That’s key, the pain free part!

Anytime someone changes their diet, it’s very psychological. That’s the biggest place where it hits people because it’s more of a habit.

Have you ever had that situation where you end up at refrigerator not knowing why you’re there?

What we want to start off with is the best food you can base your diet around.

If you see what the USDA recommends at the base of the pyramid, you’ll see that they want the majority of food intake to be made up of bread, cereal, rice, and pasta. But, if you look at studies on the nutritional content of food, you’ll see that a high nutrient content per calorie ratio equates to optimum health.

Picture white sugar, for instance; it is very high in calories with low nutrient content. So, it would lead to poor health!

What is the most nutritionally dense food we can eat, you ask?

That would be raw leafy green vegetables, based on the Nutrient-Density Line found in Eat to Live by Dr. Fuhrman.

If you want to lose weight, the more greens you eat, the more weight you lose!

Raw leafy greens are at the top of the line with 100 points as opposed to whole grains with 22 points and refined grains (white flour) with 2 points!

Breads, etc are much closer to junk food and low on the nutrition-calorie ratio compared to vegetables.

The type of diet that you want to start off with would have vegetables as your base. Raw leafy greens and steamed veggies as well!

Stay tuned for our next video that talks more about the specific diet in which you could have pain-free weight loss and lose up to 16 pounds in one month without pain or agony.

Wait for next week to get all that information; until then, have a great week and keep charging!