Chiropractor Manhattan Beach Talks About Posture!

Dr. Rob here! I want to talk to you all about Forward Head Posture, or FHP. FHP can be linked to many problems, including neck pain, upper back pain, low back pain, fatigue, headaches, and even carpel tunnel syndrome. Your head weighs approximately 10 pounds, and when your head is set forward, your posture follows. This causes tremendous pressure on your back. For example, every inch forward causes about 20 pounds of added pressure on your upper back. Essentially, your ears should align with your shoulders, and corrective care can help you achieve this! If you have any questions, or concerns about Forward Head Posture, contact me at

Physical Causes of Disease

Hi, this is Dr. Rob again; we’ve been talking about the major causes of disease.

Basically there is one cause, which is your body’s inability to adapt to stress; moreover, the internal intelligence of your body is not able to adapt to environment. There are various forms of stress, such as physical stresses: trauma, emotional stresses: auto suggestion, and chemical stresses: poisons and toxins.

When we talk about physical stress, there are two main types of traumas: macro trauma and micro trauma. Macro traumas consist of those like the one Christopher Reeves experienced. He fell, head first, off his horse. He broke the top 2 bones in his neck which created major health problems for him, thus his early death. Other types of micro traumas consist of car accidents, slip and falls, boarding accidents, as well as birth traumas. A way the spine could be brought out of alignment with a newborn are through the birth process. Shortly after that, the process of learning how to walk and the inevitable falls that come along with that can also create traumas to the spine.

Micro traumas are insidious; they consist of posture: sitting, standing, even sleeping. Think of when you’re driving or when you’re sitting in front of the computer, what posture do you have?

So you see, posture can be a summation of little traumas that can be just as bad as if you’ve gotten into a car accident.  In fact, there’s a study done by The Journal of Geriatrics, in October 2004 that discusses posture; moreover Forward Head Posture, the kyphotic posture, where people were stuck hunched over with their head forward. The study measured people posture and its correlation with death. They found that the people who were stuck with their head protruding forward were closer to death.

The only thing that they could think of was that this posture promoted compression of the lungs and put pressure on the spinal nerves that feed out into organs like the heart and lungs. Those vital organs weren’t able to function properly thus the person died early.

These have been a couple of physical aspects of how you can cause disease, next time we’ll talk more about the chemical aspects.

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