How You Can Dramatically Reduce Healthcare Costs and Save Lives!

Last week we talked about Drug Awareness Week that was being held in the local schools. Actually, there are a few schools that are having it this week. So, we’re going to continue on the D.A.R.E or drug awareness week. As you remember, last week we talked about the legal drug cartels.

This week, I want to talk about this interesting survey that came out about prescription drugs:

The National Health and Nutrition Survey was done over the course of ten years.

According to the study, over the last decade, the amount of Americans that took one prescription drug in the last month statistically went from 44% in 1999 to 48% today.

Those people that used two or more drugs increased from 25% to 31%.

The use of five or more drugs increased from 6% to 11%.

In 2007-2008, one out of every five children, as well as nine out of ten American adults, had taken at least one prescription drug in the last month.

Interestingly enough, the business of prescription drugs is actually booming right now, which is part of our drug mindset culture that we were talking about last week. The total spent on prescription drugs in 2008 was 234 billion dollars, which is double from 1999.

Another interesting study came out with a potential solution to the over-spending: The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics revealed that after 4 years, 22,000 patients demonstrated a 51.8% reduction of prescription costs when care was directed by a doctor of Chiropractic.

If you extrapolate that 51.8% reduction of prescription drug costs that would have saved the U.S. Healthcare System 121 Billion in the last decade! It’s really amazing to think that by redirecting the focus away from drug therapy, such a huge change can happen on just the cost of healthcare.

I wanted to really bring that up, I’m not trying to say that medical doctors should be booted out of the primary care position; I think they should stay on as primary care physicians, but I think the way it should be thought of when we see our primary care physician is that when we have a certain complaint, the doctor should look at the complaint, and we should take those medications in an emergency situations, because that’s what they’re designed to do. Then, if the doctor rules out a medical emergency, then just go and see your chiropractor. That way you build your health through receiving adjustments that allow the internal mechanism of the body to enhance and work the way it’s designed to. The body works at its best, like it should, with no interference. So, when you correct spinal subluxations, the body can work at its optimum level.

If we can just get the word out where people start changing their attitudes on how they’re taking care of themselves, we can really affect the whole healthcare system. So, if you can spread the word to other people, you can probably save a life (and a lot of money).

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Do You Have Health Insurance or Sickness Insurance?

Our topic today is whether you have Health Insurance or Sickness Insurance.

The question is when do you really use your insurance? Is it when you’re healthy or when you are sick?

Most of us are going to answer “when you’re sick, of course.”

When you have a problem or some sort of symptom is when you’re going to use your insurance. That’s when they will pay.

We should get out of our minds that our health insurance is going to bring us health. It is really there as first aid or when your body breaks down.

This brings me to another situation which just happened today. There are two sickness insurances called Health Care and Pacific Care who has contracted a manage care company called Optimal Health. The purpose of a manage care company is to not allow you to utilize your benefits.

For example, I was interviewed by the Optimal Health manage care doctor who was looking at my cases of patients who had said insurances. According to the national average, most people were going to the chiropractor an average of 8 times, where mine was an average of 12 times. He told me I was over-utilizing this type of care; however, if we look back at where they get their averages it stems from when the insurance companies had specific procedures implemented on the doctors. Forms had to be filled out with specific information on the care plans for the patient. They would then determine whether they would accept the recommended amount of care for certain conditions.

I would put down what was more accurate for the patient to get over their symptoms. For example, I would put down 20 visits for symptomatic relief NOT corrective care, and ALWAYS get rejected. This was before they had their national averages, by the way.

I would call other doctors and they would have the same problem, until I found one doctor who told me to send it in for 12 visits and then try to ask for more later. That way the patient could at least receive some Chiropractic Care, otherwise the patient wasn’t going to get any care. Once the doctors found out a way for their patients to receive some chiropractic benefits from their insurance, they started to recommend less visits. Unfortunately, the insurance companies developed a profile and would use that to back up statements of over-utilization violations. It’s a strong arm method, a sneaky method utilized by insurance companies so to not have to pay for care.

What we should realize is that the manage care system is not designed to allow you to utilize your benefits. Your best bet would be to get together and try to fire the manage care system that is not here for your best interest.

If you have questions about this, don’t hesitate in asking. I just brushed across one of the many thing we, as doctors, have to deal with when dealing with insurance companies. Unfortunately, our hands are tied, as doctors, when insurance companies manipulate statistics in order to justify their utilization of care.

Just a reminder, in our office we practice corrective care not acute care. So, insurance companies will pay for acute care and not full correction. Once those visits are up, however many they are, it will be up to you to shift into corrective mode. If you have any questions about that, do realize our fees are 30 – 50% less than chiropractors in our area, to allow you to get the care you need.

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Why Would Your Medical Doctor Tell You To Stay Away From A Chiropractor?

Today we’re talking about how medical doctors have said not to go to chiropractors because they’re quacks or unscientific or it’s a cult. I’d like to give you some history behind where all of that came from and the legal roots.

It started back in the early 60s when the American Medical Association, which is the largest healthcare lobbyist in the world, formed a Board on Quackery with the specific purpose to contain and eliminate Chiropractic Care. They did so by pressuring hospitals, their members: medical doctors. If they were to associate with chiropractors, they would be booted out of the AMA, which was a big thing back in the 60s.

It wasn’t until the 80s that five chiropractors challenged the AMA and sued them under the Sherman Act, an anti-trust act, stating that the AMA was monopolizing the healthcare field. On September 25, 1987, the Supreme Court found the American Medical Association guilty of conspiracy and of trying to contain and eliminate a competing profession.

So this biased opinion of Chiropractics stems back from the pressure the AMA placed on medical doctors to not associate with chiropractors.

What was interesting about said lawsuit was that it made it easy for the AMA; all they had to prove was that they were acting in the best interest of the public by protecting them from the “unscientific cultists”, the chiropractors. What was found was they couldn’t prove that chiropractors were doing harm, because a lot of the defendant’s testimonies proved to be in favor of Chiropractics. Also during the trial, it was disclosed that research being done by the AMA, proving Chiropractics to have positive effects, was being suppressed form the public.

There are reasons why a lot of people have this fear of Chiropractics and now we know it originates from the monopoly the AMA practiced against chiropractors, proven by the Supreme Court in 1987.