Maintenance is Key

This week Dr. Rob discusses the importance of maintenance. It is better to be proactive as opposed to reactive. Be proactive about your health!
Maintain your spine for 100% nerve flow to all the organs, muscles, cells, and tissues of your body!
Maintain your health in order to live long and strong.

Would You Give Your Pets Cola In Their Water Dish?

This is Dr. Rob with your weekly health blog: I have a question for you. Would you ever think of giving your dog or cat a can of Coca-Cola in their water dish as if you’re giving it a treat? If you think that I am crazy saying, “of course not, I wouldn’t do that, it’s not healthy for my pet”, why would you give it to your kids or yourself?
We have to revisit these areas where we think it’s okay to have these “treats.” It really isn’t ok, because they’re not promoting health. We, as parents, have to develop the skill to know what is good to eat and pass it along to our kids so that they can grow up healthy and strong. That is why it’s important to get regular spinal adjustments. A lot of people that come into the office leave their kids at home to develop the same problems they originally came in with.
The time to act is before problems occur. That is true health maintenance. If you have any questions about these things, you can always contact me at Bates Chiropractic at (310)545-4188 or