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This week Dr. Bates discusses supplements.

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Food For Thought: Whole Food Supplements

Hi this is Dr. Rob with your weekly health blog, I have a question for you: When thinking about supplements, what do you think your body has an easier time to recognize, 500 mg of man-made Vitamin C or extracting Vitamin C by eating an orange?
Scientists know that there is more to an orange than Vitamin C; a lot of what is in the orange is going to augment that Vitamin C that is needed for our total health. It works in the web of health of the body that we don’t understand yet. For that reason, when you take Vitamin C or other nutrients that are extracted like that, it can create imbalances that we just can’t foresee.
Your best bet is to have whole food type of supplements. Whole food supplements are condensed supplements that are condensed type of foods that are high in nutrients. If you do want to take 500 mg of Vitamin C that is something you want to do under the care of a naturopath or nutritionist that is trying to treat a condition.
If you want to build health, maintenance, and repair of the body, you want to look for whole food supplements that you can take for the rest of your life.
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Take Your Kids to a Chiropractor

kid8118About Chiropractic care

Chiropractic care has become very popular among parents with kids who suffer from back pain. While conventional treatments continue to be used and provide results, there is more to chiropractic than just alleviating back pains. Many health complications can occur in a child which may go undiagnosed. It is essential to achieve proper development for kids, and chiropractic care aims to serve that.

Take Your Child to a Chiropractor

The methods and treatment plan of chiropractic care in children has been proven as being safer than conventional treatment. Chiropractic treatments involve adjustment and aligning of the spinal cord through hands and by stimulating muscles. It seeks to improve range of motion and bodily functions by relieving back and neck pain. However, regular visits to a chiropractor can improve general health and, on the long run, promote well being and vitality.

Effective chiropractic treatment on children:

  • Encourages neural development ( brain and nerves)
  • Improves the child’s immunity
  • Assists in dealing with irritable baby syndrome and colic
  • Helps in dealing with behavioral disorders
  • Improves immunity and prevents injuries
  • Helps in relieving breathing problems and allergies
  • Assists in sleeping disorders and bed wetting issues
  • Improves posture
  • Increases concentration

Better Alternative

Research has shown chiropractic care as a better alternative over conventional treatments in many ways. Conventional treatments like surgeries and prescription drugs are known to provide a temporary solution to back pain. Chiropractic care, on the other hand, is a non-invasive method that addresses the whole body of a child. It does not involve any use of medications or spinal surgery.

Conventional treatments can be expensive, and on many occasions go uncovered by medical insurance. However, a chiropractic treatment is highly recommended by medical experts, and is cost effective as well. There are also potential fall backs and side effects of getting a spinal surgery or medicinal use in such an early age. These may lead to development of disorders, addictions, and health complications later on in the child’s life. Studies and personal experiences of parents show that chiropractic care is much safer with very few and mild, to no side effects at all.

Makes the Difference

Every parent wishes their child reaches milestones like first steps, first words, and first day at school, etc. in optimum health. Chiropractic care seeks to promote proper development in children to ensure they grow up healthy and strong.


Image Used under Creative Commons license. Photo Credit: Kids8118 by I Should Be Folding Laundry

March is Blood Pressure Awareness Month

According to the American Heart Association, March is Blood Pressure Reduction Month. The reason being that high blood pressure is a big problem; about 1 in 3 people have high blood pressure. 21% of the people that have high blood pressure don’t even know it!

Interesting enough, a study done in the Journal of Human Hypertension found that a specific adjustment done on the neck helped reduce blood pressure.

According to the study, 50 test subjects had specific chiropractic adjustments applied to their upper neck area. There is a specific area in the upper cervical area that can control blood pressure.

What they found was that on an average, the adjustment dropped the blood pressure 17 points!

This drop would take the equivalent of two prescription drugs to get the same results as this one adjustment.

A follow up study done 8 weeks down the line showed that blood pressure levels were still lowered, which means to get the same results you’d have to take the two blood pressure medications every day for not only those 8 weeks but for the rest of your life. The problem with taking drugs is that there are always side effects. And drugs are poison. Taking drugs for the rest of your life means that you’d be poisoning your body for the rest of your life just to try to keep the blood pressure low instead of just allowing the natural processes of your body to work the way it’s intended by relieving pressure of the nerve.

Chiropractic’s not for high blood pressure, but your body doesn’t need the interference. That’s why you should have yourself and your family checked for subluxations.

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This week Dr. Rob discusses the business of being born.
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Painfree Weightloss Part 2!

Pain-free Weight Loss Part 2

Last time we were talking about the most pain free weight loss, how to lose 16 pounds within the first month. Remember last week we talked about the food pyramid and how important it is to eat the most nutritionally dense food, which are… leafy vegetables. Your nutrient per calorie is going to be at 100 %.

We now know that USDA, the government based food pyramid recommends that one should have junk food as opposed to the higher nutrient food, which in turn makes one fat.

We want to change the food pyramid and have the green leafy vegetables primary.

To start off this food regimen, I don’t want you to change anything to your diet or take from your diet. I want you to add to your diet.

I want you to add one pound of raw vegetables and one pound of steamed vegetables, also have about 4-5 fruits a day. The key is this: you must have the vegetables before each meal.

For example:

You have a bagel with cream cheese and a coffee for breakfast everyday. Before you eat this, you will have a heart of romaine lettuce and a grapefruit, then your breakfast.

As a snack, in between breakfast and lunch, you’re going to have a banana or an orange or a grapefruit.

At lunch, you’re going to have a large green salad mixed with other vegetables, such as romaine with purple cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. Make sure there’s about one pound of vegetables in your salad. Then you can go on and have your regular meal. If you have a cheeseburger for lunch, have a cheeseburger! Remember you must have the salad first!

As another snack, in between lunch and dinner, you’re going to have a piece of fruit.

Dinner time comes around, now you’re going to have one pound of steamed vegetables before your normal dinner. If you want dessert, have another piece of fruit.

The deal is you must have one pound of raw vegetables and one pound of steamed vegetables, or two pounds of raw per day, with fruit before your normal meals.

It’s called the “add-to” diet, and I can guarantee if you do it for 6 weeks, you will lose weight. Also the health benefits will go through the roof, because of all of the healthy phyto-nutrients, the fiber, the minerals, the vitamins in there that you wouldn’t normally get. All of that is protective against cancers, diabetes, and heart disease. So, you’re going to be adding to your health too!

You will be adding to your health, losing weight, and not going to go crazy thinking you are deprived.

Sciatica Diagnosis

Girl_sitting_down_on_the_ice-rink_(01913)If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of Sciatica, it is vital you get them checked in order to determine the root causes of the pain. This will help you understand the severity of your condition and what treatment options you have available.


Sciatica diagnosis varies, depending on the duration and severity of the pain. It is recommended that you visit a chiropractor as soon as you see any sign of Sciatica, as the pain tends to get worse overtime and can even lead to more serious complications.

A Chiropractor’s Opinion

A Chiropractor will first look at your medical history, and then examine your symptoms. Like other medical problems, Sciatica is diagnosed using various clinical tests, which range from motion tests to X-rays and CT-scans. However, the latter is only needed in case of long term Sciatica or if the chiropractor thinks there is a deeper root to the problem, as the symptoms may signify other diseases as well.

The simplest and of these tests are the range of motion tests. The straight leg raise is the most commonly used test in this category. The chiropractor would ask you to lie down on a straight examination table or floor. He will then raise your legs, keeping your knees straight. If pain is experienced between the 30-70 degree range, it indicates a positive sign of Sciatica.

Other than that, the chiropractor might ask you to walk on your heels or toes to examine any signs of nerve damage. Reflex tests are also performed, using a reflex hammer on the back of the ankles or the knee.

However, in some complicated cases, these tests aren’t sufficient to determine Sciatica and the chiropractor may perform further diagnosis using imaging techniques such as X-rays or CT-scans. This is specially used if the patient has had a history of HIV or cancer. These advanced diagnosing techniques can indicate any tumors or broken bones in the spinal cord, but they usually only indicate long term Sciatica. In most cases of Acute back pain, these tests aren’t necessary, as the pain usually subsides within a few weeks on its own.

Some rare cases may also require some laboratory tests, such as blood count tests. An abnormal blood count suggests an infection or anemia, which can also cause Sciatica. Sedimentation tests can also tell if there is an inflammation present somewhere within the spinal cord. If you or a loved one has symptoms that indicate Sciatica, a chiropractor can be of service.


Image Used under Creative Commons license. Photo Credit: Girl sitting down on the ice-rink (01913).jpg

Knowing What To Eat Is A SKILL That Can Save Your Life.

Knowing What To Eat Is A SKILL That Can Save Your Life!


“The average American can expect to live approximately 77 years, 64 healthy years, and the last 13 years spent in ill health with drugs, surgery, and dysfunction.”


90% of Americans will die of heart disease, cancer, or stroke.


“Health experts warn that this current generation of children may be the first in American history to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.” – Time Magazine June 23, 2008


According to the World Health Organization W.H.O., the U.S. ranks 37th in healthcare.


“46% of seniors in the U.S. are on 4-9 drugs/ day, almost zero seniors take no medications.”


30% of all kids in the U.S. are overweight           19% of all kids in the U.S. are obese

         Times Magazine June 23, 2008


American children now have approximately 1/340 chance of developing cancer as a child!


“Experts say that more than 80% of deaths of the top killers are preventable.”


Who is Killing Who?


It’s time to wake up! Health for you and your family will depend on you being proactive.


Tuesday April 20th 2010


Dr. Rob will be giving a workshop on:


Nutrition and Weight Loss


You will learn:


                        How to reduce your risk of cancers by 40%


                        What foods will actually protect you from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other                               diseases, better than all drugs.


                        Principles that are simple, that you will be able to immediately apply into your life.


                        Weight loss that will happen naturally without starving or feeling hungry.


                        What supplements work best, and why.


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We appreciate serving you! Keep spreading the word.   –Dr. Rob