Chemical Causes of Disease

We’re here to talk about the major causes of disease, which will interfere with your innate intelligence to express itself. Basically there are three major causes that don’t allow your body to adapt to stress, which were the physical causes that we talked about last week, the chemical causes which we are going to talk about today, and next week we’re going to talk about the chemical causes.

Today as far as chemical is more of what is poisonous to the body. It can be done through the environment and it also can be done through things you ingest, for example, things like food, water, and also breathing.

Food is a big thing, because 90% of what Americans eat is processed food loaded with chemicals and preservatives that make it very difficult for your body’s intelligence to adapt to it; which will cause a stress response to your body, meaning it will eventually cause it to breakdown and cause a disease state.
The goal is increasing your diet with raw, organic, unprocessed foods. 90% of your diet should be made up of unprocessed foods and not the other way around. In prior blogs we’ve talked about what one should be eating, like the one pound rule. You can look back and check out our weight-loss blog on what to eat!
I also suggest a book called “Eat to Live” by Doctor Joel Furhman. That gives you a good basic understanding of what you should be eating.

Another thing that we have to concern ourselves with is other chemicals that we take in: drugs. Pushed or prescribed, a drug is still poison to the body. Prescribed drugs are always a concern, because we think it’s really going to be helping ourselves but really it is just a poison that the body is taking on. For example, a person going through chemo for cancer, all that’s doing is killing the body and hopefully killing more of the cancer cells so that by the end of the treatment, hopefully the innate intelligence can rebuild the body.

Again, push or prescribed drugs are still a poison to your body. You should really look at what is in your control and try to eliminate the drugs from your diet and life and look at increasing your body with whole, organic, unprocessed foods.

Supplements should be added to your diet as well. Think of it as if you were building a ship. To build ship, you have wood and you have nails. The wood of the ship represents you, your body. The wood of the ship is the macro-nutrition; it’s all the food you should be eating, the whole foods. But also you should have the proper vitamins, nutrients, and minerals, which are the supplements. The supplements are the nails that hold the ship together. You need both of those to have a sturdy ship, especially in today’s environment where the soil is depleted. You won’t get the same minerals, nutrients, and phytochemicals in your produce like we used to.

Investigate and not rely on just the supplements, your body needs the whole foods as well.

Chemical stress is important, it’s a large topic. We have to look at the food we’re eating, the water we’re drinking, the air we’re breathing in, and the poison we’re taking in. These things are in our control: our diet, what we’re drinking, and eliminating the drugs.

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This week Dr. Rob shares a story a Chinese monk gave him.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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Benefits of Chiropractic for your Child

Soapbubbles-SteveEFThere are innumerable benefits of taking your child to a chiropractic doctor. Several of very serious and worrisome conditions that your child suffers from can be dealt with under this conservative care. The one major reason why chiropractic is considered a conservative mechanism is that it helps maintain the health and prevents it from unforeseen risks and issues.


Several reasons worry you about your kids, and chiropractic treatments are a great way to tackle these reasons. You might have stumbled upon a few of these benefits earlier, however, chiropractic has success stories in a wide array of child related issues. Following is a list of benefits that attract parents to this form of care:

1. Alternative To Medicine– During pregnancy, women avoid all kinds of medication to ensure the safety of their developing baby from any physical or mental harm. Similarly, parents avoid medicines with their infants and young children. Chiropractic services are a healthy and active way of dealing with many issues.

2. Colic- For the first few months of an infant’s life, being in a colic state is one of the major headaches for the parents. With several spine manipulation techniques, this state can be overcome allowing the child to be at ease.

3. Sleep disturbance- Inadequate or disturbed sleep can constantly irritate the mood of an infant. Spine dysfunction is said to be associated with sleep issues and a chiropractic doctor can help alleviate the issues.

4. Bed wetting– Chiropractic practitioners manipulate the spine to adjust the functioning of the body. Running through the spine are nerve roots that carry signal and messages to and from different parts of the body. Spine manipulation can then allow the practitioner to adjust nerves that run to urinary system and treat the habit of bed wetting.

5. Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) – A common psychological disorder amongst children, this is often dealt with the use of medication. The medications can have several negative side effects such as loss of memory etc. However, with a chiropractic doctor, the part of the brain that functions poorly can be stimulated through spine manipulation. Thus, conservative care can put forward promising results for ADHD.

Several other issues with which chiropractic care is effective include ear infections, allergies, asthma, headaches, constipation, cold, sore throat, body aches and many more.  The chiropractic doctor utilizes several manual therapies on the spine, and contributes to the healthy development and the overall wellness of your child.

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D.A.R.E. 2011

Good morning this is Dr. Rob with your weekly health blog. This week is DARE week: Drug Awareness/Drug Prevention. It’s a great program, that allows the kids to become more aware and help prevent the unnecessary deaths from drugs. According to The Journal of American Medical Association, street drugs kill approximately 10,000 people per year.  10, 000 preventable deaths. It’s great to have this program.

Since it is Drug Week, I was reading another article in Newsweek (April 27th, 1998) that stated that properly prescribed legal drugs from a Medical Doctor kill approximately 106,000 – 190,000 people per year. That’s huge! They calculated it as being the 4th leading cause of death in the United States.

So, drugs are a huge problem: we have a drug culture! We have to really look to see what’s happening at home and what we’re really teaching our kids, what we’re teaching ourselves, and what we truly believe. One way to look at it is to see when we you use drugs. Is it for a First Aid situation, when you should use them? Or is it in every day use when you get the first pain that comes up?

Investigate it, take a look at how many drugs you have in your cupboard, do you really need all of them? And what are you actually showing your kids?

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Manhattan Beach Chiropractor shares ankle exercises for beginners.

Here is a simple exercise that you can do at home with no equipment.
It works the peroneus longus/brevis, tibialis anterior, tibialis posterior, gastrocnemius, soleus muscles.
The purpose of this exercise is to improve muscular endurance, ankle strength, and proprioception.
By doing this exercise you can have the benefits of Improved stability, functional strength and injury prevention.

Begin seated in a chair with good posture.
Extend leg.
Attempt to write alphabet from A through Z with toes, moving ankle in all directions.
Repeat for prescribed sets.

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National Vaccine Awareness Week | Manhattan Beach CA Chiropractor (310) 545-4188

This week Dr. Rob discusses National Vaccine Awareness eek.

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Life is Motion, Motion is Life by Dr. Robert Bates D.C. in Manhattan Beach, CA (310) 545-4188

This week Dr. Rob talks about the importance of spinal movement.

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Manhattan Beach, CA chiropractor discusses the importance of exercize (310) 545-4188

Dr. Rob thanks everyone who attended the Nutrition Talk and shares a great exercise to do while in front of the computer!

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The Damaging Effects of Forward Head Posture

The Journal of Geriatrics came out with a study in October 2004; what they found was that people with forward posture or a hunchback, the more their spine hunched forward and was stuck in that position, the closer to death they were. Let’s look at reasons why that could be:

If you look at Patty, she’s stuck in this forward posture. This posture is closing down on all the nerve pathways and it’s inhibiting her ability to breathe and move properly.

We’re going to do a little exercise. I want you guys to participate in this too. I want you to get into that poor posture that you usually are in front of the computer or maybe you’re stuck that way all the time or perhaps you’ve even noticed your kids in that position because of their heavy backpacks.

Go ahead and get into that posture, so you can join us and feel this. This is experiential; I want you to feel what happens in this forward head posture. Now try this: try to bring your arms all the way up and over your head. How far do you get? Notice how far Patty can bring her arms over.

Now go ahead and bring your head over center, so that your ears are over your shoulders. Now go ahead and try that again. See how Patty is able to get her arms up there with no problem? One of the things that happens with forward head posture is that it puts a lot of pressure on the nerves that feed out into the shoulder, and mechanically doesn’t allow the shoulders to open up which can lead to problems like carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic rotator cuff strains, neck problems, and headaches.

Now try this other exercise, get back into that posture again, as if you were in front of the computer, and take a deep breath; feel how that feels. Now bring your ears back over your shoulders and see how the posture pops back up. Now go ahead and take a deep breath. How does that feel? There’s a big difference. This will cause you to be unable to oxygenate your tissues. It causes nerve damage to the nerves that feed out to the lungs and the heart, the shoulders and the hands. Just by correcting posture is a huge thing.

That’s what we do: we correct the subluxation which allows those nerve channels to open up. But, we also do things to correct the posture so it’s not a problem either. You have to do both those things to be effective. Then your body would be healthier than it’s been in a long time.

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