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The Detrimental Effects of Forward Head Posture in Manhattan Beach, CA (310) 545-4188

This week Dr. Rob talks about the detrimental effects of forward head posture

Do you have a health problem that concerns you?

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Spinal Conditioning Exercises

Inspired by Dr. Eric Goodman

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Daily Relaxation Techniques


Stop the world, I want to get off! That’s how many of us feel and it’s a sign that we’re stressed. A little bit of stress can keep us on the top of our game, but a lot of stress is detrimental to both our health and the way we show up in the world. Here are a few suggestions for relaxing that may help you to live a more fulfilling life.

Don’t worry if at first the idea of slowing down and relaxing frightens you. It’s possible you’ve become addicted to the fast-paced frenzy called life. Give yourself time and space to practice these techniques and see if the way you feel about life changes. (Note: all these activities do not require that your cell phone be on. Please, turn it off.)

1. Be in nature. Taking a walk where there is grass, trees, and especially water is considered to be one of the most relaxing activities for an individual suffering from stress.

2. Look at fire. It might be as simple as lighting a candle, or starting a small fire in a fireplace, woodstove, or an outdoor chimnea. There is something about watching flickering flames that is inherently relaxing. The longer we stare into the flames the better we feel because our heart rate slows, our blood pressure goes down, and even our respiration rate goes down.

3. Read poetry. The lyrical language of poetry is designed to be read out loud. If you have someone who is willing to listen, then by all means, do this with a partner. Otherwise, read out loud to yourself. Slow down your pace and really try to hear what the poet intended. Savor the language. Explore the symbols and imagery. Note how you respond to the various poems.

4. Write with pen or pencil and paper. You can write a letter to a loved one or yourself. Or you can journal about your day, your feelings, your goals, dreams, and aspirations. Journaling is one of the most relaxing practices because it actually engages our brain and by writing down our problems and concerns we’ve tricked our brain into thinking that because the words have been recorded on paper, it no longer needs to keep them at the top of the mind. When you find yourself waking during the night with worries or concerns, try getting up and journaling by candlelight. Get everything that is troubling you on the page. When you return to bed, many times you will be able to fall asleep without any further disruption of sleep.

5. Pet an animal. Studies have proved that merely petting an animal reduces blood pressure. But beyond that, having a living, breathing being beside us who isn’t arguing, or challenging, or demanding anything from us but love is one of the most relaxing activities you can do.

Self-Care Leads to Happiness


In today’s world, the faster we work, the longer we perform, the more intensely we compete, the more valuable the world sees us. But on the inside you’re drained, empty, and wondering how you’ll ever be able to pull it off again tomorrow. It’s time to practice some self-care. This can be as simple as just taking a relaxing bath with glowing candles and soft music playing in the background.

This practice of taking care of ourselves positively impacts our very being. It makes us healthier, more energetic, and mentally more positive. Taking care of yourself is the most direct route to feelings of happiness and satisfaction. Here are some for you to incorporate into your life.

1. Do things you like to do. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. While your friend might love getting weekly manicures and pedicures, unless this is a relaxing practice for your, you don’t need to be her weekly companion. Learn, instead, how to take care of yourself. Pay attention to the things that make you feel good. What makes you feel happy? Do more of that. There is nothing wrong with you for having a unique way to take care of yourself.

2. Practice mindful self-care on a regular basis. You can’t possible expect to go full out for six months on a huge project that required numerous late nights, early mornings, and the ever more frequent weekend work attendance and then expect to be healthy at the end. Unless you make the time to practice self-care during challenging times, you put yourself at risk for injury and illness. Self-care isn’t needed only when we’re stressed. It needs to be seen as regular maintenance, a little like needing to eat food every day. A little self-care every day is most nourishing.

3. Be flexible and understanding. Scheduling self-care is a good way to be more regular about it, but when you stress about it, then it is counterproductive. Instead of having to take an hour-long bath every day, perhaps using a special scrub in the shower can take its place when you’re pressed for time. Be creative about making self-care choices that work for you.

Self-care needs to fit into your schedule. It could be meditation, yoga, or a regular run. As long as you can fit it into your schedule, don’t stress about the specific activity. As long as it feeds you and leaves you feeling energized or refreshed, it is worth doing. Everyone needs to practice self-care in order to stay healthy and be successful in today’s world.

Photo Credit: Introvert’s plea via Erno Hannink at Flickr

Introverted Networking


Not all successful people are extroverts. On the contrary, the most successful people learn to play their strong hand. For those of you who are introverted, preferring a more quiet existence, here are a few tips to help you network in ways that are comfortable for you. Remember, there is more than one way to . . . well, do just about anything.

The word “network” generally makes most introverts I know break out into a cold sweat, and they try to disappear into their desks, hoping not to be noticed. And their fears are quite real. After all, most networking events seem to be dominated by people who have “never met a stranger” and can find something to talk about with just about everyone. Being interesting and entertaining to a roomful of people is a tall order for an introvert.

Being noticed is certainly one part of a networking event, but you don’t have to be the one everyone’s looking at and listening to. Rather than competing against the natural-born extroverts, play to your strengths.

Introverts are by nature very observant. Rather than flitting from person to person, having dozens of superficial conversations, identify the one person you feel you most need to meet. Save all your energy for that one encounter. Be prepared with any questions you may have, or information that you wish to share with that one person. That is considered a positive networking experience.

Introverts are naturally good listeners. When you can give someone your undivided attention and manage to make one or two remarks to demonstrate your understanding of the lecture, I mean, conversation, you will have made a friend for life. Because most people are talking at a networking event, finding someone willing to listen is a huge bonus.

Prepare for the event by having some questions ready, preferably open-ended questions. That way after you ask a question, you can sit back and let the other person talk and expound on their subject. A few well considered questions will keep you busy for as long as you intend to be at the event.

Set a limit to how long you will be at the event. Never go with a group of extroverts. They will likely be willing to stay for the entire event and meet people for drinks afterward. Drive separately, or with another introvert and have a set time that you plan to leave. This way you will be able to focus on making the networking event a positive experience for you without worrying about how you will be able to extract yourself. With a little practice, you’ll be a networking pro in no time.

Photo Credit: Introvert’s plea via Quinn Dombrowski at Flickr

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy: The Benefits

7004627103_10658cb981Back pain is a common problem faced by women during their pregnancy. This occurs when pregnant women put on extra weight causing extra pressure on the spine. Receiving spinal treatments can reduce such pains through chiropractic, and pregnancy issues like delivery can be made more comfortable and faster.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a conservative form of treatment that addresses the spinal cord, discs and related nerves without the use of surgery or drugs. It involves the adjustment of spine to align it back to its normal position. This reduces the spinal nerve stress which can cause various other health complications in the woman and later on in the child. Hence, chiropractic treatment addresses the whole body to promote health and well being.

Safe during Pregnancy

Many complications can occur during pregnancy that can be triggered by spinal problems. These complications can get transferred to the newborn, as they affect the nervous system of a mother. Babies can develop colic, breathing problems, allergic reactions, bedwetting, and neural disorders. The Webster Technique is commonly employed for pregnant women to reduce the spinal nerve stress and balance pelvis, ligaments and muscles.

Throughout the stages of pregnancy, specialized chiropractic care plans are devised to suit the patient. Research shows there are no known potential contradictions to chiropractic treatment during pregnancy. Chiropractic professionals are known to adjust treatments to better suit the body of a pregnant woman. They follow tables and employ techniques which avoid unnecessary pressure on the stomach.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Many medical experts recommend chiropractic care during pregnancy as it helps maintain pelvic balance. A balanced pelvis gives a baby more room to move into the correct birth position. This avoids some of the potential fallbacks of delivery. Other benefits include:

  • Reducing back, neck and joint pain
  • Reducing nerve stress to promote healthy development of the mother and baby
  • Relieving pressure from the spine and maintaining better posture
  • Restoring joints to ensure optimum range of motion
  • Reducing symptoms of nausea
  • Reducing time of labor and delivery
  • Stimulates optimal functioning of reproductive organs
  • Preventing potential cases of cesarean
  • Maintaining a healthy pregnancy


A visit to the chiropractic clinic begins with physical evaluations, and then a treatment plan is made, involving therapies, nutrition and exercise. Chiropractic care aims to provide comfort for mothers during and after pregnancy, and also ensuring their babies enjoy proper bone and neural development.

Image Used Under Creative Commons Licensing: Profile of a pregnant woman by Jason Pier in DC

Treatment and Prevention of Muscle Cramps during Exercise

6253806401_9a9cd9a555Muscle cramps that are caused by exercise can be very painful and can cause athletes to drop out of competitions.  Muscle cramps can happen in any types of sports and are usually a result of muscle fatigue, a loss of electrolytes or dehydration.

Cramps are not limited to sports, they can happen even to people who are not involved in any type of sports.  Repetitive cramps can be healed by a chiropractor by aligning the vertebrae correctly in the spine using various techniques.

Causes of Cramps

The American College of Sports Medicine published a review on the causes of muscle cramps during exercise – two possible causes were identified that lead to muscle cramps.

The first was credited to muscle fatigue.  Neuromuscular systems are embedded into muscles to allow control of contraction of the muscles. When this system malfunctions, contraction of muscle takes place and then causes the cramps.

Muscles that are regularly used, such as those of an athlete or a person with a very active lifestyle, are at a higher risk of experiencing cramps or spasms.

The second major cause is a result of an excessive fluid loss from the body (sweat), which decreases the body’s electrolytes level.  This depletes the body of sodium.

Body’s Natural Cooling System

The body is designed to cool itself by sweating when body temperature starts to rise beyond normal levels.   The loss of electrolytes due to sweating can cause depletion of body’s electrolytes and if it is not replenished properly, it will cause cramps.

What are Electrolytes?

Electrolytes are minerals including sodium, chloride, magnesium and potassium. They are dissolved in the body and directly control the required muscle contractions and nerve conductions.

Consuming bananas to treat muscle cramps has no solid ground and there is no evidence to support such a remedy.

Treating Muscle Cramps

- Fatigued Muscles

Treatment of muscle cramps depends upon the initial cause.  For those people who experience a muscle cramp due to a strenuous workload such as exercise or sports, chiropractors recommend treatments such as a massage, application of cold packs to the affected muscles and passive stretching.

Proper rest must be given to those muscles which have experienced an overload due to stress.

- Cramps due to Loss of Electrolytes

For those people who suffer from cramps as a result of excessive sweating and a deficit of sodium, the same methods of treatment can be used besides replenishing the lost fluid levels.

Image Used Under Creative Commons Licensing: 111002-A-XY792-430 by Minnesota National Guard

Spinal Disc Herniation – Disc Injuries and Chiropractic Therapy

290644114_fa50ce417a (1)Spine and disc injuries are more common in individuals who lie in the 40 to 60 age bracket. While young individuals who engage in different strenuous work activities (which involve the lifting of heavy loads and operating on machinery for long hours) experience spine, neck and disc injuries which cause great pain. These injuries cause hindrance in the movement of the back and the neck, and are aggravated by continuous involvement in different laborious activities. Spinal disc herniation is a medical condition experienced by individuals because of over-exertion on the back and neck parts of the body. Chiropractors offer different treatment methods to relieve the pain and facilitate movement of the affected individual.

What Is Spinal Disc Herniation?

Spinal disc herniation is a medical condition in which a tear appears on the outer fibrous layer of the vertebra disc, which causes the inner soft nucleus material to bulge and squeeze out from the torn area of the disc.

The tear in the disc is usually attributed to old age in individuals, but may also be caused because of any trauma, straining and lifting injuries, experienced by a young individual, because of different work related and other everyday activities. The nature of the tear in the disc might cause inflammation in the surrounding area, which might put pressure on the nerves, resulting in pain for the individual. The bulging out of the inner pulpous material from the ruptured or torn disc results in a pressure on the spine and disc which causes extreme pain.

Spinal disc herniation is also called a slipped disc condition, though the disc is securely intact in between the vertebra. Individuals suffering from a minor case of spinal disc herniation are able to recover within a few weeks, with suitable rest. But, in cases of extreme damage to the spinal disc, the patient sometimes requires surgical treatment, which does not always provide good results.

Patients with acute spinal disc herniation in the upper, central or lower part of their spinal cord require physical therapy and medications for quick recovery.

Chiropractic Therapy for Spinal Disc Injuries

Chiropractors provide treatment and therapy for the effective recovery of individuals suffering from different forms of spine and disc injuries. They mobilize and manipulate the muscles of the spine and the neck, adjusting the different joints and muscles, to relieve the individual of the excruciating pain experienced because of the different musculoskeletal disorders.

Image used under Creative Commons Licensing: the neck thing. ouch. no really…ouch! by Beth Punches